Just Happen? Or For a Reason?

bv-12xycyaasuoc1How often when something happens do we respond with “there must be a reason …” or “it must be part of the plan” or another sort of divine meant to be sort of phrase, when really it’s just the way it is.

We went to look round our new house on Saturday and the people we are buying from had had a huge clear out and had got rid of some of the furniture we were planning to buy from them. Our response was “I’m sure that was what the right thing.” It means we will just have our stuff in the house and we talked about it being all ours, etc.

But I think often we try to justify events as either good or bad, meant to bequote-trying-to-justify-a-world-we-don-t-hold-all-the-answers-to-is-what-bedevils-the-best-megan-chance-80-69-49 or not meant to be, rather than just stuff happens. The reason the people we are buying from got rid of their furniture is that they are organised people who, once they knew they had a buyer, got on and cleared out what they didn’t want to take with them. Fate or personality?

One of the issues we had to walk through during 2012/13 was whether the multiple things we walked through were meant to happen, and if they were then why all at the same time. In the end a wise counselling friend said that it was nothing to do with us why all these things happened. That they were individual deaths that we just happened to know all the people because of our relationship with each other. In fact if my husband and I hadn’t been married I would only have had one untimely death to deal with and he would have had two, instead of us both having 4! But there was no lesson that some supreme being was trying to teach us, nothing we had done that needed us to learn. It just happened.

can-stock-photo_csp12889658I know the furniture being sold that we wanted was no where near on the same scale but it got me thinking of the same thing, and there was no reason; there is nothing for us to learn. It is just that it happened and we need to get on and do something about it.

That is another thing, one can spend ages pondering the whys and whatevers and what should we learn from it, but in the end one does just have to get up and keep going. So for us at this time it means not wondering if God is teaching us something about timing, or that we are f62a560150aec2b8634f09cbb1792478going to learn how to furniture shop together – though that will be interesting. And even if it is we do still have to just pick ourselves up and get on and buy!!


changeNo one likes change. Really that is the truth. Some people say they like change. I would say that about myself, but in reality I’m ok if I’m the one orchestrating the change. I like to know that the change is mine. I’ve been really frustrated with the changes made to WordPress because I knew how to do things before and now I’m not so sure. It all takes longer.

With our move we’ve had many different reactions but some have been angry negative reactions to people not liking the fact that we are changing change-4-1imepycsomething, changing something they are familiar with. I got cross at first until I realised how upset I get when other people change. My husband is struggling with our change more than I am, which actually is good because he is then more aware of how others are coping. I am ok with our change. In fact I’m quite excited. I’m looking forward to a bigger bedroom, a room to call my own, more than one toilet, etc. Yes there are things I’m nervous about but in an excited sort of way. I then find it hard to understand how everyone can’t just be pleased for us.

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”


Which sits as comfortably with us all really as “there is no certainty in life but death.” We don’t really want things to change and we don’t want to fish escape conceptdie. Or rather we don’t want other people to change and we don’t want other people to die.

There are people who embrace change and want it continuously change, though again many of these are people who don’t want others to change. And so, as I get older and realise that I like constants in my life, I have to accept that even those who love me don’t like to see me change – or rather don’t want me to move and have a different life than they are use to.

And you know what I can feel for them because much as I like to change when-the-winds-of-change-blowand do things differently I would rather appreciate it if they would stay in the same house, in the same job, doing the same thing so I can slot into their lives as I always do.

All Consuming

As those who regularly read this blog will know we are moving house. It has become all consuming. We have a buyer for our house, a lovely young couple with a lively 3 year old boy, who love our house. Definitely want them to live here. But we fell in love with a house in North Wales which turned out to need a lot of work doing on it and the people selling would not negotiate a lower price. Well to us that said it wasn’t meant to be our house. But now we have to keep looking. The first time we went up, where we met and felling love with the area and the first house, was in fact only meant to be a recky of the area to see if we liked it. Did we move too soon? Who knows there and we can’t go in shoulds and oughts. But now we need to relook and the specifications have changed and broadened.

But what it means is that the task has become all consuming. In fact the whole moving house thing anyway is all consuming. There is nothing else to think about, nothing else to talk about. Even this morning, when I had told myself clearly that I was going to get up and blog, I finished up looking for houses to view because we are going up on Monday and need a plan!

In these stress charts they say that moving house is on the same stress level as a family member dying. Well I must say from personal experience that is rubbish. Ok now when people ask me how I am I will say I’m moving house and chatter on about that – to anyone from friends to supermarket checkout people! Three and a half years ago after our spate of untimely deaths I did do similar, telling anyone who asked how I was about the deaths, often in a very cold, newsreporting sort of way. I am more animated with saying about the all consuming with the house moving. But no they are not the same at all.

Grief grabs you by your soul’s coat lapels and flings you down, not just into the mire but below it so you can hardly breath, are not even thrashing around in the mud and dross but are filling your lungs with it, trapped in it, caught and feel like you will never leave it. Moving house is euphoric in a scary way that euphoria does. You are up, running high. Yes there are worries and concerns, especially with moving to a new area but it is a high not a low. It is fearful whereas grief is not fearful at all. Grief is full of non-emotions but that chew you up and eat you up, and make people want to avoid you, not know what to say to you. House moving is full of people wanting to be with you, wanting to catch the buzz.

A relative was fearful about our move and when I ask what was the worst that could happen she said we could have no jobs, no money, no friends and finish up “in a pickle”. I can cope with “pickle”. “Pickle” you can walk through and come out the other side. Grief, even after three years, still sticks to your clothes a bit, still shapes how you look at life. “Pickle” will pass and we will cope with it because we can be in control of it. Untimely death we are not in control of.

Maybe if we hadn’t gone through what we had gone through then moving house would be overly stressful, instead it is just all consuming. So for now forgive me if I don’t blog deeply – I do have lots in my journal that I would love to find the time to blog – and forgive me if no matter what you say to me I turn it back to “did you know we’re moving house?” 🙂

Back To The Future Day

I wasn’t going to write because I’ve got too much to do and also I’m not feeling great but felt compelled to. As the quote says “Back to the Future will now take part entirely in the the past”. I saw all 3 of the Back to The Future films in the cinema and then on TV. Never sure why I liked them but ..

And as Sally Ann says today 21st October is significant in the use of the number 21 – the coming of age number – and I quote:

To me 21 denotes a breakthrough and the number of maturity when young people historically got ‘the key of the door’… Daniel in the Old Testament fasted for 3 weeks – 3×7=21 – and an angel appeared to him at the end of that time: now that’s what I call a breakthrough!

So today, the 21st day of October we got breakthrough – in that we sold our house, offer totally accepted, and had the offer of our new house accepted – and it feels a bit like maturity – because now we step out into the unknown but as grown ups. We are breaking ties, gaining something that is ours totally (as in this house will be in joint names whereas the house we are in now is just in my husband’s name). And also it was 3 weeks today that, after getting back from Wales, our estate agent came round and put this house on the market. Another of those 21 days! And also from now on we start writing our future, a future that is ours, that is different, that we cannot predict at all.

Something interesting too – often when I can’t get to sleep I daydream about having a room of my own that I can decorate and also being close to the sea. Now it doesn’t help me to go to sleep because the dream is becoming a reality. Our future is standing like a blank page waiting to be written. You know it feels like it did just before we got married – that tumbling excitement of stepping into the unknown with the one you love 🙂